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The physiological characteristics of the Down’s Syndrome individual exhibit potential limitations and restrictions to both cardiovascular and resistance based exercise, with poor skeletal muscle development and chronotropic incompetence being the primary constraints.
They can start exercising slowly with

(1) Cardiovascular exercise such as
- Swimming
- Exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, recumbent bike or
elliptical machine (under supervision when appropriate)
- Recreational activities, such a walking, biking and jogging

(2) Balance Activities such as
- Dynamic tasks that challenge coordination and motor planning, such as skipping, hopscotch or walking across a balance beam
- Yoga activities, martial arts and dance classes

Let's build self-esteem along with strength!
<![CDATA[Down Syndrome and Reading]]>Thu, 19 Mar 2020 14:06:00 GMThttp://juniorsolutions.com.my/blog/down-syndrome-and-readingWHICH LEARN TO READ METHOD IS SUITABLE FOR MY CHILD?
There are evidence-based research shows that when children with Down Syndrome learn to read, they show
a) good visual skills
b) deficits in phonological awareness and
c) a profile of stronger word recognition than decoding skills.

This profile has led some to advocate the use of ‘whole-word’ strategies for teaching these children to read.
Nevertheless, there are also studies have demonstrated that children with Down Syndrome benefit from reading instruction which targets phonological awareness and reading skills.

So how do we decide which intervention is suitable for each child?

The answer is “If a child cant learn the way we teach we must teach in a way the child can learn”
There is no one size fits all approach for all children. There is only the most suitable method for each different children. Because all children is UNIQUE.

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<![CDATA[Down Syndrome & Sleep]]>Thu, 19 Mar 2020 14:04:01 GMThttp://juniorsolutions.com.my/blog/down-syndrome-sleep.
Do you know?
* 50% of children with Down’s Syndrome experience sleep problems
What helps?
* Routine at bedtime
* Reduce bright light in bedroom
* Bedroom free of distractions such as gadgets or noise
* Regular exercise and activities during the day
* Avoid heavy meals before sleep and stimulants such as sugar and caffeine

For more information, please contact ​http://chatwasap.com/d2c0a4 
<![CDATA[World Down Syndrome Day]]>Thu, 19 Mar 2020 13:58:08 GMThttp://juniorsolutions.com.my/blog/world-down-syndrome-dayWorld Down Syndrome Day is marked each year on March 21, beginning in 2006!

Hereby introduce to you Sarina Rosalie Favazza (Italian-American), an artist with Down syndrome who have had her work recognized by experts in the field, allowing her to showcase her art around the world! 🤩👏👏👏

Picture shown is one of her work, Sea Stone Art!

Click the link below for more information about our Creative Art Program!
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Junior Solutions (JS) wishes all Indian friends a "Happy Deepavali!

在这佳节喜庆日,Junior Solutions (JS) 在此祝贺各界的印度朋友们,屠妖节快乐,Happy Deepavali!
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